Saturday, August 18, 2012

Harbin's First 5K

Harbin had been interested in running the Bulldog Dash (the annual North Gwinnett Cross Country fundraiser) as his first 5K. Scott and I agreed that we weren't sure he was ready but that he could attempt the race if he wanted to (of course with Daddy by his side). The night before the race he got a new pair of tennis shoes, but gradually began talking himself out of running the race. Well, the morning came and he went early to help Scott set up and I got a call, saying he'd decided to run. So, the girls and I headed off to the starting line about 2 doors down and we were able to see the backs of everyone as the race began. We waited and waited and weren't really sure when to expect Harbin and Scott to be coming back for their final bit of the race (around the high school track and to the finish line), but soon enough we saw Harbin in his shirtless wonder (yes he runs with the high school XC boys too much). He and Scott were making great time as they rounded in for the finish. I am proud to say that our 7-year-old son finished his first 5K faster than his mother ever has and he put up a time of 32 minutes!!! WOW! He placed third in his age division (which was 10 and under----remember, he's 7). Scott placed third in his age division, which was cool since Harbin and he got the same trophies (not cool since Scott usually can place 1st, but, hey, he ran with his son and how can you put a trophy on that!). Harbin then completed the 1 mile fun run with the girls and headed to baseball practice. Oh, to have the energy of a kid again! Catherine completed the 1 mile in just under 13 minutes. And Lydia, well Lydia completed 3 of the 4 laps of the fun run when she decided she was done and just strolled through the finish line. Ella freaked out and didn't run until almost EVERYONE had left the stadium. Then she decided she would run sprints on the track like the big kids.
You can see from the pic, Dad and son were wiped out after a morning of extreme exercise! The mom.

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