Tuesday, August 28, 2012

School Fun

This school year we've started using a new Science Curriculum. It's called Apologia and it focuses on the Biblical look at the Science world. So far, I am loving it and find it to be very educational, easy to teach, and fun to learn. There are tons of activities that are super simple to do but allow the kids to kind of see science in a hands on way. This year we're using Apologia Astronomy, so we of course are studying the solar system. Well, the first experiment was to use balloons to create and hang a solar system from the ceilings. Most of you who know me well, know that I HATE balloons. In fact, I not only hate them, but I have an unreasonable, unexplainable, strange fear of balloons and they literally make my heart skip beats. I don't like them at birthday parties, I never drive with them in the car, and my poor children never get to take them home from those wonderful restaurant chains that send you away with them. So, the first experiment was a bust--haha, pun intended :). Anyways, back to the fun stuff. Since the weather was nice, I decided that the kids could "paint" the solar system with sidewalk chalk paint. They had a blast and I learned the most important lesson ever- had nothing to do with science. I learned that I shouldn't leave the girls- especially Ella and Lydia, unattended with paint. In fact, I came in to fix lunch and found this when I walked back out...
They had decided they would take the lids of and squirt globs of paint on the ground and then slip n' slide in them. Fortunately the paint is washable and I had put them in their "paint clothes".
After the painting fiasco I thought we'd try an experiment with fire- even better, right? Well, not exactly fire, but we did use magnifying glasses to burn holes in leaves. The curriculum suggested melting chocolate, but we didn't have any, so we just burnt letters in leaves. Once the kids figured out how to be patient and hold the magnifying glass still, they really got the hang of it. The funny part is later in the day when Catherine started drawing on some leaves. She asked if she could pull some more off (don't worry it was a tall weed growing between the deck slats- no actual trees were harmed). I told her sure. She came in a bit later and let me know that she had messed up and had to pull a bunch off but not to worry because she just burned holes back in them and put them back on the "tree" so they wouldn't be wasted!! Isn't she so sweet? Well enjoy the pics of some of our first experiments this year. I am not sure that we can really beat these, but the kids never cease to amaze me with their creativity! The mom.

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