Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Catherine's First Day of School

Catherine is already in Kindergarten if you can believe it!!! And, although we homeschool and really ALL the kids do "school" from an early age, she was excited to get to move upstairs to the Children's Church on Sundays and excited that she can now sing in the Ultimate Adventure Choir with Harbin. Unfortunately she was less excited that this year our homeschool co-op has decided to combine the PreK and Kindergarteners because of class sizes and she will be in with Lydia. I think in the long run, she will enjoy having her sister with her, but I also think it took away a bit of the excitement of starting school.
Anyways, here is her official "First Day of School" picture which coincidentally is the exact same spot I got Harbin's!!! What can I say, we love our COOP!!! Doesn't she look too old??? The mom.

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