Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tire Swing

So over Labor Day weekend we got new tires on the van. The place where we got them was amazing and literally people stood in line for hours to have their tires done there (they are cheap). Because of this they have a huge amount of old tires, so we asked if we could have any for a tire swing. The store owner sent one of his guys out into the piles of tires (wish I had a pic of this, but didn't think to bring my camera to a tire store-hmmm...can't imagine why that didn't occur to me). They picked out a great tire swing and we hung it up from a tree (like the only tree we have) in our yard. Of course, I'd hoped we'd get all these great wonderful pics of the kids on the tire swing when it first went up, but as usual, the process took longer than we expected and by the time we got it hung, it was mostly dark. The funny thing, the girls LOVED it and wanted to go higher and higher and Harbin was a little afraid!!! He's never been a huge fan of swinging at the park, so I guess he doesn't care for tire swings either. He and daddy did have fun using it as a target for throwing the football!! The mom.

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