Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Camping

We spent Labor Day weekend in Northwestern GA at a campground called Sloppy Floyd State Park. We met up with Scott's parents and siblings as well as a lot of his mother's side of the family. This is one of the first years that we have spent Labor Day at a location without a large body of swimming water- we were all concerned about our enjoyment of the weekend :) but low and behold we figured out lots of fun things to do. Harbin quickly found a buddy in one of his second-third-who knows how much removed cousins. He enjoyed playing volleyball with the adults as well as "riding" his scooter around between or campsites. The girls pretty much had fun riding on Cousin Starr's golf cart the whole weekend. And, secretly, I think she enjoyed it too! They didnt ride far or fast, but they rode around and around and sang songs and waved to all of us at the different campsite locations. Occasionally they would stop to eat lunch or have a treat like SNOW CONES! We also all got to ride out and see the Tinney's new property. Chuck and Melissa set out on a huge endeavour and purchased almost 80 acres of property at the base of Pigeon Mountain. Their goal is to create a Christian Camp and Retreat Center and have it up and running sometime next summer. The property is beautiful with a lake, lots of wooded area and a beautiful view. It rained a lot once we got out there so we didn't spend much time at the property but hopefully we will get to visit again soon. The mom.

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