Friday, October 26, 2012

Mommy's Helpers

This week the kids have had a blast helping me out with some kitchen tasks. Harbin was at practice with Scott one day and Ella was napping so my older girls helped to make instant oatmeal packets. I drew out pictures of how many scoops of oats, cinnamon and brown sugar went into each bag and they were able to pretty much package them all up without help. There was a little bit of mess at the end, but it was worth it. They were able to do 50 instant oatmeal packets while I fixed dinner!! It's kind of like making dinner and 3 weeks worth of breakfast at the same time! One morning we also attempted a new idea to put pancake mix in an old ketchup bottle and make "Pancake Pictures". They had a blast creating their own ideas and making their own pancakes. This has been a huge hit in our house and it was so simple!
We also made Pumpkin Muffins with canned pumpkin, chocolate cake mix and chocolate chips, but I failed to take pictures of this process. It wasn't as "kid-friendly" since it became difficult to stir after a short bit. Enjoy the pics of Mommy's Little Helpers! The mom.

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