Thursday, November 1, 2012

Avengers Assemble

This year for Halloween the kids went as Avenger Characters. Harbin and my nephew Wesley were HawkEye, Catherine was Black Widow, Lydia was Miss America (aka Captain America) and Ella was the Hulk (she just didn't like wearing her Hulk hands much). The first pic is of Harbin and one of the high schoolers at Young Life's annual Farm-O-Ween. Harbin dressed as HawkEye and Time dressed as his Arrow. It was pretty cute watching them walk around like that all evening. The remaining pics are of the children Trick-or-treating in Mom's neighborhood. We managed to hit a few houses where some of Scott's students lived, and eventually we ended up back at mom's for hot chocolate and a snack. When we got back home the kids liked dumping out their candy and inhaling whatever we continued to say yes too. Ella couldn't believe her eyes at all the candy she got or her ears when we kept saying she could eat it! Happy Halloween! The mom.

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