Saturday, November 3, 2012

Scott's "Monkey" Birthday

For Scott's birthday I took him and some friends of ours to the Ropes Course over at the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center. I had never really done ropes courses before, but it was so much fun. Scott and I had a great time swinging like monkeys from the trees and I was impressed with my ability despite being totally out of shape!! .
On his actual birthday, the kids set up his "present throne". It was a super bsy day for Scott with school, air rifle practice and YoungLife, so we took his Mountain Dew cupcakes to him at Air Rifle. When he came home, the kids made him close his eyes as they led him to his presents that they had creatively wrapped in all Mountain Dew labels. They had all the ideas for presents this year. Lydia got him a Broncos Blanket and Mickey Mouse, Harbin wanted to get him Madden 13 for the PS3 (maybe a selfish gift a little) and Catherine made him a card.
The weekend following his birthday we headed up to the Tinney's Property to celebrate both Scott and Skylar's birthdays. We were also able to get some family pics while we were there too.
The mom.

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