Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving and Remodeling

Thanksgiving was a wonderful time to spend with family. Although we're officially "off" on our rotating schedule of Chattanooga and Atlanta, we spent tim in Chattanooga this year since Scott wasn't home for Thanksgiving last year. Sadly I got no pics while we were up there! I have been horrible about the camera lately. Probably something to do with being able to use my phone and just snap a quick pic. I did manage to capture some pre-Thanksgiving renovation pictures. We began working to tear down the wall between the family room and kitchen and make a more "open-concept" living area. We have moved the laundry room to the basement and the plan is to eventually get new cabinets. For now we are working to patch up floors and get ready to lay the hardwoods we purchased. We were planning to have the ceilings smoothed but have decided to install a plank ceiling in the kitchen because it was much cheaper. I promise to post more pics as we make more progress on the job, but here's what I have for now!
We also had the pleasure of getting to see Great Grandma Sue while she was in town for the holidays. The kids had fun getting to hang out with her at mom's house.
The mom.

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