Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Catherine is SIX

Oh I can't believe it but my little Princess is SIX! I know that it seems like every year I am astounded at her turning a year older (yes, I know this is a natural progression of life), but I really do feel like 6 is SO BIG!! I just feel like she is totally out of the toddler/preschool years now and she just looks like a young girl. This year she wanted to have some friends at a Barbie party, so we opted for celebrating after our Homeschool Co-op on her actual birthday. I stayed up late making the Barbie cake and putting together small party favors and then we met up with mostly friends from co-op and a few from church to celebrate at the park. I was thankful that the weather turned out ok. It wasn't raining but it was a bit chilly, although the kids never noticed as they ran around and played. Harbin even entertained the crowd with his magic show at the end. Catherine is growing just to be the most beautiful young lady. She has grown out of most of the tantrum phase and although we get some "sass" still, she is very much a wonderful mommy's helper. She is nurturing and caring and always willing to help when I ask her. Always she will be a daddy's girl, but more recently I feel like we've bonded. She's definitely into the girly stuff from painted toes to make up to doing hair. She loves fashion but when it comes down to it, she loves just being comfy. Her skills as an artist have been developing and her new pictures are very detailed and impressive. She loves to write and her handwriting is beautiful. She's recently mastered bubble letters and all kinds of fancy writing which she loves to show off. Happy Birthday, Catherine- STOP GROWING UP! The mom.

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