Friday, February 8, 2013

Daddy Daughter Dates

Each year Chick-Fil-A hosts a Daddy daughter date night and our church hosts one as well. This year, we let the girls go on their individual dates and Daddy took Lydia to Chick-Fil-A and Catherine to the church dinner/dance. Both girls had fun getting to pick out a "new-to-them" dress and a flower clip for their hair. We spent each evening doing hair and getting ready for their special night with Daddy. Who would have known that Lydia's hair does NOT curl. She wanted it curly just like Catherine's a few years ago on her first Daddy Daughter Date. But, to my surprise, it wouldn't curl. I tried EVERYTHING. Finally, we decided on a very classy bun which worked perfectly and looked beautiful. We followed the same idea for Catherine this year, mostly because I think we didn't have time to curl her hair. Both of the girls had a great time with Daddy. Scott said Lydia was mostly silent through their whole meal. Then they got pink ice cream and she said, "This looks like chicken blood." Well, if you know Lydia and her sense of humor, this is funny. Hopefully, one day, when she's dating boys, they'll get her humor too :) The mom.

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