Monday, September 17, 2007

Guess what we have in our house....????


Ok, for those of you who talk to me regularly, you know this is a very late blog- things have been busy around here, but I still felt this deserved it's own post!

Harbin pee-peed on the potty for the first time last Wednesday night. I had headed to choir and left the kids with Scott. He put Harbin on the potty in front of a movie and with a cup of juice. Scott just kept refilling his juice and eventually he peed!!!!

The next morning he went for me once on the potty and once on the floor. I asked him why he peed on the floor and why he didn't go sit on the potty. His response was "I tried. I ran. I ran."

Anyways, I just thought I should give him the credit where credit was due. He hasn't gone on the potty again, but hopefully we can work some more this week on it!!!

The Very Proud of her potty-boy, mom.

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