Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Labor Day Camping

We just returned yesterday from a weekend of camping up on Lookout Mountain! Each year, Scott's extended family (and family friends) get together at Lookout Moutain where one of their cousins owns 700 acres of land. We set up camp near three lakes and the weekend is filled with swimming, fishing, 4wheeling, and relaxing. We're fortunate to have the Tinney's camper so we don't have to potty in the woods, but aside from that, it's TRUE camping- no showers, no TV, and even NO cell reception!!

Harbin just LOVED camping. He was surrounded by kids (mostly girls) who adored him. He had his very own Spiderman fishing pole and became quite the caster by the end of the weekend. Riding on the 4-wheeler was probably one of his favorite things to do the whole weekend. There was no hesitation in putting his helmet on when anyone mentioned taking him for a ride. He even fell asleep with Lolli and Pop during one late evening ride!
Catherine really enjoyed the more laid back side of camping. She spent many hours swinging in the swing with me and sleeping on the blanket on the ground. Since she couldn't go in the lake to wash off like the rest of us, I attempted to bathe her in a tub of lake water- she didn't like it too much- I think the water was too cold!

Scott kept up his triathalon training, exercising everyone to death!! He ran, swam and biked each day, taking new people along each time. With any hope, he's maintained his fitness enough over the weekend, despite the good food and relaxing, and will compete well in the actual triathalon this upcoming weekend.

As for me, I enjoyed my weekend away from the house. I was able to relax a little and forget about the chores back home.

More to come as the week progresses!
The mom.

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Ok, I'm ready for another update! Once a week is not enough for someone who checks 5 times a day. (Yes, I am a bit of a stalker).