Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Belated Birthday Blog

Ok, ok, ok, so I know that I am terribly behind on keeping you all informed on the happenings around here, but life has been hectic around here lately (future posts on all that). I have finally gotten around to showing you the kids at their birthday party.

This year was quite an adventure, since we did a dual birthday party. It was the first time I have not had a party at my house, and boy it was difficult to remember and set up everything!!! Catherine awoke that morning (having spent hours in the ER the night before) with a fever and a stuffy nose, and Harbin's fever skyrocketed before the party even started. Needless to say, we went on with the festivities, the kids doped up on Motrin!

As usual, my mom did an excellent job making the cakes. Harbin's Spiderman Cake has been unofficially voted her best cake yet. Amazingly, we had two cakes and 24 cupcakes, and we came home with NOTHING left over!!!

Harbin was more than excited when we blew up the bounce house. I had picked it up, but he had no idea it was in the back of the van until the party. He and all his cousins and friends had a blast jumping and playing in the house- of course, it was SPIDERMAN!

Catherine was getting pretty tired by the time we did her cake. She wasn't all about shoving the cupcake into her mouth- mostly she just poked her fingers into it.

Harbin (and Catherine) were given a Jeep by the Tinney family. As you can see from the picture- "Daddy's Jeep is just like mine." (Harbin's words). They custom painted it to match Scott's jeep and decked it out with Tennessee stickers. He also enjoyed getting a toy from my mom, that many, many, oh so many years ago was mine. It's a box of pieces that fit together in various ways making all kinds of musical instruments- this is no longer MY favorite toy- can you imagine why?

Thanks to everyone who joined us in celebrating the birth of our precious children. Although they weren't at their best, I know they had a wonderful time and we have memories to share from having friends and family together.

The mom.

(Thanks to Crickett for making Catherine's adorable cupcake dress!!)

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Jessica said...

Cute pictures! I love Catherine's dress - did you or Crickett make it?? Sorry I haven't been great with the phone - we've been busy with a variety of stuff, and we've been catching up on some family activities since Cline's been off. We'll be around off and on this week, though, so call whenever and we'll catch up!