Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Snowshoe, West Virginia

Last week, we were able to take a family vacation to Snowshoe, West Virginia. Scott had a friend from his younger days who was getting married up there, so we all decided to make a ski vacation out of it. Chuck, Melissa, Skylar, and Alex joined us as well (I guess technically we joined them).

The trip was interesting to say the least. We started out by traveling through the night (about 8.5 hours) with 6 of us packed into Chuck's huge truck (our van decided to give us issues just days before departing on our trip). We arrived at 7:00am and were fortunate enough to be able to check into our room. We unloaded the truck and Scott and Alex got ready to go skiing. We bundled the kids up and took them to the slopes too. Harbin had his own set of skis (thanks be to Skylar's boss for hooking us up with free ski equipment)- he didn't enjoy skiing quite as much as the older boys. He didn't freak out about being on the skis, but he did ask politely to "get them off his feet".

After deciding the kids weren't really into the snow, Melissa and I decided to hop in the truck and explore the activities that were around. Shortly after driving around some of the area, we got a call from Scott saying that Alex had been taken to the med clinic- he broke his arm. Needless to say, his trip was instantly less exciting- he no longer could ski, ride his bike, or go to the pool. He seemed to handle it well, and the kids and I enjoyed his company in the condo, since we weren't out on the slopes either!
On the third day of our trip we decided to try out the pool. It was a very neat design and was heated both indoors and out. They had a "doggie door" type thing that you went through in order to go outside and not have to get out of the water. The slide inside was great- Harbin could do it by himself and Catherine enjoyed riding down with daddy. Harbin's favorite was probably the outdoor slide since it was longer and winded around.
The wedding was on Saturday and the weather was beautiful. It was relatively warm considering we were at a ski resort. The bride was beautiful and everything seemed to go smoothly. Harbin and Lolly enjoyed many Shirley Temples, and Catherine enjoyed the pass hors d'oeuvres (hmmm...Catherine like food being brought to her- imagine that!!!).

Catherine learned to walk on our trip. Although she had taken steps prior to going to WV, she really started toddling around up there. She liked having the freedom and toddled some here and there at the wedding. She was pretty cute.

Scott, the kids and I returned to Chattanooga late Saturday night. Scott had to leave Sunday morning for work and then to Fort Benning for the week, but the kids and I stuck around to see Crickett, Bo and Grandmommy (a post and pics to come on that).

We were able to get a lot of great pictures this last week (see our new family one up top). I hope you enjoy them all!!!

The mom.

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