Friday, March 21, 2008

Tennessee Aquarium

On our way home from West Virginia, the kids and I stopped in Chattanooga to see Aunt Crickett, Grandmommy and Bo. On Monday, we went with Aunt Crickett to the Tennessee Aquarium. The kids have been mulitple times, but it is always neat to see their reactions to the many exhibits.

Catherine loved the touch tanks- you know how they always say that at least one kid a week will fall in the tank???? I have no doubt that will be Catherine one day. She just stood with her arms hanging into the tank patiently waiting for something to swim up. Nothing

ever touched her, but it would have been interesting to see how she reacted if something did.

Harbin's favorite this time seemed to be the Jellyfish. He is definitely NOT a fan of the butterfly garden and he's still a little nervous about sticking his hand in the touch tanks. He did enjoy crawling under the tanks to experience being "inside" the water with the crabs.

After the aquarium we were able to meet up with some friends that were visiting from Boston. Avaleigh (the little girl in the pics) had grown so much since the last time we all saw her. She and the kids enjoyed running around and climbing outside the Aquarium.

After lunch we grabbed some ice cream. As you can see, the kids really enjoyed it!!

Since the next few posts will be about Easter, I thought I would take a moment to catch you all up on some new milestones the kids have made. From the pictures you can tell that Catherine is definitely walking, however, she hasn't done so much of it since we returned home. I guess she is just reverting to her old ways here at home. Harbin has been working on "school" all the time, which typically consists of writing his letters (now he will even try his lower case letters) and spelling words. He can spell his first name, Mommy, and Daddy without any help. We are still working on writing from left to right. Unless I make lines for the letters, you often can't tell what he was spelling since the letters are all over the page!!! He loves to do school and I am glad that he is so easy to teach!!

Easter is just around the corner, and I will have lots of fun posts with the kids at egg hunts, dressed up pretty, and who knows what else!!!

Until then, Happy Easter!!
The mom.

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