Saturday, April 19, 2008

Nothing much...

Well nothing much has been new here lately. Scott is still out of town following the Pope around (ok, I guess technically, the Pope follows him). The kids have enjoyed getting to play outside in the beautiful warm weather and we have enjoyed many days in the yard and at the park. Oh, and Harbin really enjoyed playing football with the neighbor boys the other day- he just had to get his helmet!!

I have ordered the bedding for Catherine's new room (see the pic) and plan to paint pink and white stripes under the chair rail in her room and paint above the chair rail pink. I am hoping to make some fabric flowers to match the one on the throw pillow to hang on the walls. Anyways, all is a huge "work-in-progress", and I will post new pics as new stuff happens.

Harbin is completely potty trained during the day now and it's so much nicer than changing diapers all the time. He is very good about telling me :)

Catherine is walking everywhere and even tries to run a bit sometimes. She is getting pretty independent which is helpful, say at the park, where she can climb and play by herself; however, not so helpful when she insists on changing her own diaper or wiping her own face after a messy meal.

Well, off to procrastinate cleaning!

The mom.

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Lilly Family said...

love the bedding for Catherine's room!