Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Springing into Summer!

The weather has been getting hotter here, and the kids have been loving it!! We have busted out the water toys, sunscreen, and summer outfits. It will probably be cold again next week- Georgia weather- but we thought we would take full advantage of this summer-like sunshine now!!

Yesterday the kids enjoyed playing in some water with a small boat track Harbin got for Christmas. Catherine really liked to "lick" the water off the toys, but Harbin had fun racing the boats with some of the kids from the neighborhood.

Today we went to storytime followed by lunch at the park. A few of Harbin's friends and their mom's joined us and the boys enjoyed feeding the ducks.
Well, that's all for now!! Daddy comes home today, and we are very excited. We will be heading to Chattanooga this weekend for Scott's first triathlon this year. I am sure I will have more pics and stories to tell next week!

The mom.

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