Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day Camping

Each year, the Tinney family joins other family and friends and goes camping up on Lookout Mountain. One of Scott's distant cousins owns a bunch of property with lakes for fishing and space for hunting, riding 4 wheelers, swimming and just relaxing.

Harbin and Catherine headed up to Chattanooga on Wednesday and we met them on the mountain Saturday afternoon after Scott's first Cross Country meet (he was a great coach!).

The kids had a wonderful time playing in the mud, riding 4 wheelers, driving Pop's truck, boating, and singing songs by the campfire. Even Lydia enjoyed her time outside!

Probably the funniest part of the whole weekend was that Harbin fell out of the bed. Scott and I slept in the pop-up camper and on the other side, Bo slept with Harbin and Catherine. In the middle of our second night, Bo heard Harbin fall out of the bed. However, when he looked to see if he was there, he realized he had fallen OUT of the camper altogether!! Bo opened up the camper door and Harbin said "I'm fine." and they went back to bed. When they told me the next morning, I couldn't help but laugh!!!

Anyways, enjoy the pics- sorry they are all lined up now, but it takes way too much time to put them throughout the blog, so I have decided this format will be better!
The mom.

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