Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lydia is 2 months

Lydia had her 2 month well-baby check up today and everything went great. She weighed in at 10 pounds 10 ounces which is approximately the 50th percentile. She was 22.5 inches which is also the 50th percentile. She is growing well and developing perfectly.

Lydia is definitely the most talkative of all of my children. She loves to smile at all of us and she will just "coo" away! She is a great sleeper, a super eater and overall a very happy baby!!!

The mom.


Amanda Rogers said...

so precious! To me, she looks more like you than Harbin or Catherine! Anyway, glad y'all are doing great...take care :)

Jessica said...

Is her skin that light, or is it just the picture?? I'll look for myself this weekend! Can't wait to see ya'll :)