Friday, September 19, 2008

Wesley is ONE!

Sorry I have been so bad about blogging lately. For starters, my computer has not been doing well. I am having issues with the power cord connecting to the back and the battery no longer holds a charge- so it will shut off at any given moment which makes wanting to do anything on it frusterating. Also, we have been horribly busy these days with not much of anything worthwhile blogging about.

However, I must blog about last weekend, since my one and only MOST ADORABLE nephew turned ONE YEAR OLD!!! Wesley had his birthday party last Saturday at a Bogan Park pavillion and he was so cute!!! Uncle Vito's catered and the food was yummy, the playground was perfect for the kids and the weather was just beautiful- a little overcast and cool. Wesley seemed to enjoy himself. He loved his Elmo balloon and had a great time smashing his cake, feeding it to people, and eventually dumping the whole thing on the floor. He got lots of cool presents including awesome new clothes and toys. His favorites at the party were rubber duckies and bouncy balls balls (mostly because he could throw them)- he also liked the wadded up wrapping paper ball that Uncle Scott made him- it too was throwable which seems to be the prequalifier for a Wesley approved toy (future baseball player, maybe?..... I'm just sayin' :) )

Anyways, earlier that morning Scott ran in the Suwanee Day 5K and came in first in his age division and 5th in the overall race. He wasn't super satisfied with his time of a littl voer 20 minutes, but he and some of the other guys determined the course may have been a bit longer than 3.1 miles which may have accounted for his slower time. All-in-all we were proud of him for finishing so well in the race, and Catherine helped him receive his medal in the Suwanee ampitheater.

Well, that's about it for now. This weekend, we are doing the North Gwinnett football game and the Suwanee Days festival, so I should have good pictures from both of those for next time.

The mom.

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