Thursday, December 25, 2008

Lydia and Cereal

So, I wanted to squeeze this post in before I am overwhelmed with trying to recall the activities and festivities of Christmas

Last week we gave Lydia cereal for the first time. She isn't quite 6 months old, but you know, since the AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF PEDIATRICS says to start them around 4 months, I figured it would be ok to start her a week or so earlier than I did her brother or sister.

Anyways, she wasn't such a fan. She did however enjoy feeding herself (amazing what you will let 3rd children do!!) and we found that she loves to chew on pretzels and toast.

I will try again on the cereal when we return from our Christmas travels and I am sure I will have more humourous pics to post as we transition into solid foods!!

Stay tuned for Christmas posts, but for now, I must get to bed so Santa can come!
The mom.

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