Friday, February 6, 2009

From 1 to 2, Catherine's Year in Review

Yesterday my little girl turned 2!! It seems impossible to believe that she is that old already!!

As is tradition in our family, she awoke with a fever (my kids have been sick on every one of their birthdays). She was obviously stuffy and her head hurt (and everything else if you asked her, but she managed well and still seemed to enjoy her day.

Aunt Crickett was down visiting us and the kids and I spent the day with her. We did lunch and had some fun at home. Catherine really loved the Birthday Princess stuff Aunt Crickett got her!!

That evening we did dinner at Ippolito's (the most incredible Italian restaurant ever). Even though it was a later dinner, we were lucky to be able to celebrate with my mom, dad and sister (and all their respective others-now too many to list)!!

The Ippolito's staff came to sing to Catherine and at first she was unsure, but I think she liked it. She got to blow out two candles on her Canoli dessert.

All-in-all she had a great day! Of course, this morning she woke up with no fever and seems to be feeling much better.

Enjoy the slideshow of pics of Catherine throughout the last year!
The mom.

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