Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

We celebrated Valentine's Day a bit different this year. Instead of romantic flowers, music, mood lighting, etc, there was sweat, rain, and a lot of exercise.

This year's annual Run the Reagan was today. Scott ran the 10K (his first ever) and came in 2nd in his age division with a great time of 43:20. We all ran the 1-mile Fun Run. The girls rode in the stroller and Harbin raced. He RAN the whole thing an finished his first race in an incredible 10 minutes 45 seconds!!! We were so proud of him!!!

Among the other finishers were some of our friends. Joanie finished the 5K in second place in her age division with a time of 23:42. Ken finished his FIRST race ever (5K) in under 40 minutes. And, Sam (Harbin's friend) finished the 1-mile Fun Run, too!

The amazing thing is that even after all that exercise, Harbin had no problem joining Catherine on the bounce houses and other festivities.

We hope everyone else had a very nice Valentine's Day. Tomorrow is someone's birthday, so I am sure I will blog again soon :) !!!

The mom.

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Jessica said...

Great pictures! Cline's running a 5K at the end of February - the Victory for Victoria run in Valdosta. See you soon! I have more clothes for Lydia if you want them - spring and summer stuff.