Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday, Harbin

Harbin turned 5 last week and I just can't believe the time has gone by so quickly. We celebrated in Augusta because Daddy was traning out there and it turned out to be a great birthday for him. We got to stay the night in a hotel (which is always fun for the kids) and then we woke up to take Daddy to work. When we first woke up, Harbin asked if he was 5 yet. When we told him yes, he promptly stood up, stretched and said "yep, I'm bigger." Then Scott got dressed and Harbin said "your the first Army guy I've seen since I was 5." He really can be hilarious sometimes!!

We got ready for the day, checked out of the hotel and headed to the bowling alley on base. Harbin, Catherine and Lydia had fun bowling a game before Daddy and some of the guys joined us for lunch and another game. Harbin didn't use the dragon to bowl with, but he did use the bumpers. He was still very proud of his strike as you can see from one of the pics I took of the screen. He decided to go by Bbay for "Birthday Boy". There is also a pic of Lydia pouting when it wasn't her turn and a pic of their teeny tiny bowling shoes- can you believe they had some that fit Lydia!!!

After lunch and bowling we headed to the PX to let him pick out his birthday present. This PX had no toys, so he ended up picking out a Wii game that he thought he would like- it's Winter Sports which seemed very appropriate since we have been watching so much of the Winter Olympics.

We had to say good-bye to Daddy and head back towards Suwanee. We ate dinner with my mom and then headed to watch the North Gwinnett Basketball game. By the time we got home that evening, we were all WIPED OUT!!!

Harbin has been learning so much over the last year and always amazes me with his apt for learning as well as some of the things he can come up with. He is ready very fluently now and has litle difficulty reading even moving words like closed captioning or songs at church. He LOVES to read big books and will spend hours looking through them. Just the other day he really impressed me when he asked me if Daddy was in Maine. I had to ask him to repeat himself again and again so I could figure out what he was asking. He finally said that Augusta was the capital of Maine and he knew Daddy was in Augusta!! I WAS QUITE AMAZED!! I of course taught him that some cities are in two or three different states and that Daddy was still in GA, not Maine.

You can tell from the slideshow that Harbin loves to perform. He is dressed up in many of the pictures and he loves to "play the part". Sometimes he can get a ittle bossy with his sisters wanting them to do exactly as he has thought out, but all in all he is still a great big brother to them.

Enjoy the pics of his 4 year old days and stay tuned for pics of the combined birthday party.
The mom.

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