Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Years' Eve

This year for New Years' we ran our 2nd annual Flashlight 5K. This time the kids didn't ride along in the stroller but instead waited with a friend of ours. Both Scott and I ran, although after seeing my terrible finish time, I question whether or not I was actually running :)

After the 5K, they served dinner and we ate with some friends and then headed back to the house to watch Tennessee in the Chik-Fil-A bowl. The kids, of course, were decked out in their Tennessee gear, at least until the girls decided it was time for PJ's.

We put Lydia to bed about her normal time this year, but the older two kids had the option of staying up. Catherine actually stayed awake until midnight, but Harbin dozed off and on for the 20 minutes leading up to the ball drop. We watched the ball drop, the daredevil jump and then we all went to bed!!!

We wish everyone has a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
The mom.

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