Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow and Snow Cream

We had an unusual snow fall today and Atlanta (yes Atlanta) got about 4 inches of snow!!!!

Scott is out of town this week, so it was just me to take the kids out in the snow (hence the terrible picture taking). It was hard juggling the camera, the kids, the gloves, the cold, and the all important carrots for our snowmen's noses!!!

I will take this moment to tell you a bit about the house we have moved to. Our house in Snellville never sold (after 43 showings) and so we found some great tenants who are renting it and we are renting a wonderful house only a block from Scott's high school. He is walking or biking to work each day and it's really amazing how much more we get to see him!! The house itself is a 2500 square foot ranch on an equal sized basement. Although we only have 3 bedrooms upstairs, we have MORE than enough space for all of us. The girls have done well sharing a room and we are enjoying the added living space we didn't have in our old house. The house is situated on a little over 2 acres (amazing for this part of Atlanta) and we have 4 attached garages, two garages at the back of the property and a small "barn". You can see some of this in the pictures. I am trying frantically to utiize al the space we have and over-organize everything in the house. The kids really enjoy the basement which has a rec room, probably about 800 square feet and even has a tile dance floor with a disco light!!!! Scott has a gym now set up in a separate room in the basement and eventually when I finish unpacking I will have a craft room down there too. There is another room that we are calling an office, although it's mosty used for boxes of junk right now.

Anyways, I say all of this to tell you about our snow playing day....

You can see from the pics out the sunroom window that we had plenty of snow to play in. We are no longer in a subdivision and we missed getting to play in the snow with our old neighbors (we miss you Josh and Kirsten), but the kids also enjoy getting to check on their snow-family which hasn't been ruined by unruly neighborhood children.

When we first went outside in the snow, Lydia just started bawling. She did not enjoy wearing the socks on her hands (we didn't have enough kids gloves) or the hat on her head and she DEFINITELY didn't like that the snow made it hard to walk. I decided to let her tough it out for about 5 minutes before I put her back in the sunroom so she could have a good time watching us. Well, I was right... she had a great time watching us until I- the most terrible mom ever- thought it would be funny to throw a snowball at her (through the window). It hit the window just above her head and she instantly burst into tears. I think she continued crying the enitre time we were outside and let's just say I think she takes after her mom and prefers SUN AND SAND- not SNOW!

Harbin attempted sledding on a rubbermaid tub lid, however, we have no slope whatsoever to our yard, so that didn't go very well.

Catherine and Harbin thought building a snowman was fun, but quickly tired out. We had a lot of snow and the snowballs got hard to roll. Catherine enjoyed walking in the path I made from rolling the snowball, but went in shortly after putting the Daddy snowman together. Harbin hung in there to help me with a few more sections of the other snow people. In the end, I was outside putting together the Mommy, Daddy, Harbin, Catherine, and Lydia snowmen while the kids stood in the sunroom window watching.

After our playing outside, we brought some clean snow in and made "Snow Cream". The kids (and the new baby) really loved this!! We even had chocolate syrup and cherries to make the Snow Cream Sunday complete.

To top off the whole day of snow, we watched a little bit of the opening ceremonies to the Winter Olympics before the kids headed to bed!!

And now, I am exhausted from all the snowball rolling and headed to bed myself!
Keepin' Warm!
The mom.

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