Saturday, April 24, 2010

Atlanta Botanical Gardens

To celebrate Earth Day, the kids and I joined some other homeschool friends for a field trip to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and the flowers were all in bloom.

We were a little late getting there due to traffic, so we missed out on the family tour, but we did make it there for the ladybug release. We all expected there to be tons of ladybugs, but really they just had little tupperware tubs of a few ladybugs, they would squirt water on some flowers and the ladybugs would scatter towrads the water droplets. We got a pic of the one ladybug we were able to find.

After the ladybug release we were able to find our friends and we all made some flower art at one of the kiddie station set ups. We quickly headed over to the amphibian talk and were able to see this HUGE toad as well as learn that Georgia ranks number one in the most number of salamanders (who knew?).

We ate our picnic lunch in Piedmont Park and then headed back to the gardens to see the Children's Garden. I am glad I was prepared with extra clothes, since there were fountains for the kids to run through. Personally I thought the water was freezing, but Lydia and Catherine seemed fine with it. They LOVED the fountains and I am looking forward to visiting the Suwanee Fountains many times this summer!

By the time we left everyone was quite exhausted (myself included since I forgot the stroller), but I think we had a great time. Enjoy the pics!
The mom.
(PS- I thought the pic of all the girls hovered around the caterpillar is hilarious. The boys seemed uninterested but the girls stopped right in the tracks in order to look at it!!)

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