Monday, April 12, 2010


Ok, so as promised I am finally getting around to posting the Easter pics. We spent Easter in Chattanooga with the Tinney Family and the kids enjoyed dying eggs, hunting eggs and spending time with family.

On Easter, we attended a sunrise service and Harbin enjoyed learning about the symbolism of the sun rising and Jesus rising from the dead to give us all new life. He was very concerned we wouldn't make it to the church before sunrise and we'd miss it, but we assured him that we'd see the sunrise whether at the church or not :)

After the sunrise service and a brief breakfast we headed back to the Tinney's to dye Easter eggs. The kids enjoyed coloring them and I managed to un-dye them. We had this glitter egg kit where you were supposed to dip your dyed egg into the adhesive and then into the glitter shaker. Well, I stuck the first egg into that adhesive and it came out white again!!! I guess next year we can save money and only buy 4 eggs (one for each kid) and they can dye them while I undye them so they can do it again!

Because we had woken up so early, the kids went down for a nap (so did I) and the Easter Bunny hid our eggs and delivered our baskets. After waking up and finding the goodies we headed up to Lookout Mountain to spend a lunch with some of Scott's extended family. The kids enjoyed yet another egg hunt and had fun playing with their distant cousins.

We were fortunate to snap a few good family shots as well as pics of all the kids together. I am rather proud of the matching dresses I made for the girls and although not my best work, I made my skirt to match. Hopefully soon I will take time to do ao short post of all the crafting and sewing I have been doing, but for now, you can see my handiwork on the dresses!

I hope everyone else had a great Easter too! Enjoy the pics!
The mom.

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Jessica said...

LOVE the dresses! I can't see your skirt well, but you look great! The family picture is awesome.