Monday, April 5, 2010

Egg Hunts and Easter Parties

Over the last week, we have been to an Easter party and an egg hunt both of which the children enjoyed a lot. Harbin says that Easter is his favorite holiday and he was so excited when he awoke on April 1st and I told him it was indeed April- in fact, I have never seen a 5 year old so excited about it becoming a new month!

Last Monday we attended the 2nd Annual Easter Party hosted by some ladies in our Sunday School class. The kids got to play with 15-20 other kids and participate in an Easter craft, an Easter story, and making the Resurrection Rolls. I love the Resurrection Rolls because they are such a neat example to show the children (and us adults) how Jesus rose from the dead on Easter morning! (I'll leave the recipe at the bottom for those of you who want to try it). Last year Harbin loved the Resurrection Rolls and was super excited each time we did it. This year, after he put one and one together and asked me "mom- don't marshmallows just melt when they got hot?" we had the discussion about how this is just symbolic of Easter and how we use it as an example to show the empty tomb. He was fine with that.

We travelled to Chattanooga for Easter and on Saturday the kids attended an Egg Hunt at Scott's parent's church. The weather was overcast (even sprinkling at times) and very cold. My poor girls froze to hunt eggs until we were able to get their jackets from the car. They seemed to enjoy hunting for the eggs, but were also happy when we could get them back to the warm car. Lydia was hilarious on the way back to the van. She was walking with me and her Uncle Alex and out of nowhere just stopped, bent down, and picked a dandelion. I guess she just needed a flower!! (I should probably get used to this now that I am having my third girl).

Scott is off work for Spring Break this week, which means I should have plenty of time to update the blog as the week progresses. I promise to have Easter pics up in the next few days, but for the time being, our new family picture up top can give you a preview of our Easter (and the dresses I made for the girls this year)!

Until then...
The mom.

Resurrection Rolls-
Make a square with two crescent rolls (these are the linens they wrapped Jesus' body in). Use a marshamallow (this is Jesus' body) and roll him in oils (melted butter) and spices (a mixture of cinnamon and sugar). Place the marshmallow into the linens and completely wrap it with the crescent roll (try to seal all edges). Put the whole thing into the tomb (toaster oven preheated to the 375). Bake according to the instructions on the crescent roll package. Remove, let cool and then open the linens- now you can see that Jesus' body is gone and HE IS RISEN! (Now you can eat the crescent rolls and it tastes wonderful)

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