Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ella is 7 Months Old

Ella was 7 months old in February and she has taken off with new things in the last month. She has started saying momma, bubba (usually a term used for any sibling) and abba (we are just claiming she speaks Greek). She can officialy sit up on her own and has mastered leaning over into the military crawl to get anywhere she wants in the house. In the past few days, she found her knees and can now get up and rock on all fours and pull up on stuff.

She loves her food. She eats anything I put in front of her and does really well with small pieces of food. At Disney World, she had her first banana, which I just gave to her and let her hold and she did great. Since then she's had homemade baby food green beans and carrots along with a regular supply of snack-like puffs, toast and frozen waffles.

She still has just two teeth and her hair seems to be getting lighter. She's the first of our babies to lose any hair, so her dark hair seems to be disappearing and the blonde hair is growing in.

Enjoy the pics.
The mom.

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