Thursday, February 10, 2011

Marriage Prom

Our church hosted its 2nd Annual Marriage Prom on February 5th this year. Scott and I had the pleasure of attending with about 40 other couples. I got a new dress ($38 at the consignment store!!!) and Scott got to wear his new bowtie (that he actually tied). He bought me a beautiful corsage, we had mom come over to watch the kids and we headed to the high school cafeteria to PARTY!!! We danced, ate refreshments and had a wonderful night out. For ayone interested in finding about more about your church hosting a marriage prom, feel free to check out the website at

Thanks to Amy for doing my hair, Kevin for watching the kiddos while she did it, and for mom who watched them late into the night!

Enjoy the pics.
The For-one-night-not-the-mom.

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