Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Aloha Audrey!

(Before I begin, let me add that I can't find which computer and folder I put these pics in. So for now, enjoy the read, and hopefully I can find the pics to put up soon.)

We had some very good friends come through town a few weeks ago and we were so excited to see them. Jaime and her new baby Audrey were visiting from Hawaii. Some of you may remember Audrey's daddy, Rex, who was formerly in Scott's unit and had deployed with him back in 2006. Rex and Jaime are stationed in Hawaii, but currently Rex is serving overseas.

Audrey was just precious and as you can see from the pics, she seemed to think we were all a little crazy!! Ok, maybe not crazy but definitely overwhelming!! Anyways, thanks Jaime and Audrey for coming to see us. We are praying for her Daddy's safe return and we can't wait for you all to move back stateside!

The mom.

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