Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter in Augusta

Scott was training in Augusta this Easter, so we traveled there to spend it with him. Friday night before headed down there, we had a big Easter Egg hunt at our house with Mom and Jonathan, Matthew and Christina, and Kristen, Mo and Wesley. The Easter Bunny even visited and hid the eggs in the basement since it was kind of raining outside. Ella enjoyed the same egg for a long time, while the other kids hunted for the 60-70 eggs that were hidden. Lydia was pretty funny...there was a line of eggs on the floor and she would pick up one and say "I found an egg." move onto the next and say "I found an egg." over and over. It was pretty cute, but then she realilzed there was candy inside the egg and she took to eating that rather than continuing to hunt.

After finding what we thought was all the eggs (I have found several since Easter while cleaning up down there), we let the little kids go hide the emptied eggs in the backyard for the big kids to find. They thought this was great and took there job very seriously- we've been finding eggs in yard since Easter!

I once again managed to make the girls Easter dresses and I was very pleased with them. If we keep adding girls to the family I am going to have to start the sewing process about Christmas time since there are only so many late nights I can pull the week before Easter :) I also made them matching hairbows and I thought the girls looked very cute. I was pleased that the weather was warm this year so they could show off their dresses rather than have them covered with a cardigan or jacket.

We woke up at the hotel Easter morning and the kids were impressed that the Easter Bunny was able to get in and hide eggs for us. They enjoyed the candy, cookies and coloring books he left in their baskets and then we began to get ready for church. We dressed and went to a small service on base and then joined some of Scott's army buddies for lunch at Cheddar's. Our wait was kind of long, so the kids decided to sit on a rock and I ended up getting some great pictures. They were so cute all sitting together!!

We spent the rest of the afternoon at Riverwalk in downtown Augusta walking along the Savannah River and enjoying the beautiful afternoon.

We hope everyone else had a wonderful day celebrating that Jesus is ALIVE!

The mom.

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