Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hello Huck!

The kids were pleased to meet their new nephew Huckleberry John Ceccotti (Crickett's baby for those of you who don't know her new last name). He was a healthy boy born on April 26th and we were excited to be able to see him soon after delivery. The kids were amazing and stayed at the hospital with me awaiting his arrival ALL night. The girls even stayed awake ALL night- well, kind of; you can see that Lydia fell asleep sitting up in a chair only moments before they brought Huck to the nursery for us to see.

Anyways, they all love their cousin and he is quite the cutie-pie. We managed to get back up to the hospital a few times to see him which proved to be very eventful. Tornados were going through the area over the course of his first few days of life, so I had the pleasure of sitting in the hall at the hospital with the proud parents, little Huck and his Uncle Alex. Alex and I traveled back to the Tinney's house amidst fallen trees and lots of destruction, which was more fortunate than Crickett, Adam and Huck. They weren't able to get to their house after they were released from the hospital and even if they could, there was no power. So, instead they spent a week at Lolli's house before getting to go home to their own place (which thankfully had no damage from the storms).

Stay tuned for many new pictures of Huck!
The Proud Aunt Kimberly

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