Saturday, March 24, 2012

Baseball Season is Here

This Spring Season Harbin opted out of soccer and decided he'd give baseball a try. I was leary of the schedule and all the practices and games, so we opted to play with I9 Sports. Their focus is teamwork, fun and keeping it simple and in doing so, they have a 45 minute practice followed by a 45 minute game each Saturday. This really helps me out while I am a "single parent" and keeps the schedule pretty regular and limited to just one day.

Harbin has been super successful and I think he is really enjoying himself. The team is co-ed and comprised of kids ages 7-10. He is one of the younger ones on the team, but as you can see from some of the pics, he can hold his own. His team this season is the Mets and he was excited to get his new jersey and hat. I also splurged and got him baseball pants and matching belt and socks.

His first game was adorable. They all got out there and kind of knew what they were doing but I also think they were surprised at how fast everything went once the ball was hit. They rotate positions on the field so Harbin got to play 2nd base, left field and then catcher. Poor boy was playing catcher when someone on the other team hit a grand slam. He just sat there on home plate waiting for someone to throw him the ball!!! He got to bat once and struck out, which is what led us to buying a bat shortly after the first game.

With a little batting practice at home with mom, he improved significantly for his second game. He hit a Double on his first time up to bat and ended up scoring a run. He made a hit on his second time at bat and made it to first, but the next batter struck out to end the inning. He also made an awesome left field play where he fielded the ball and instantly threw it to the 3rd baseman to get the runner out.

He is really loving baseball and will play through May. They haven't won a game yet, but as long as he is having fun and improving, I don't think he cares!

The mom.

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