Sunday, March 18, 2012

Shine Choir

Catherine really enjoys singing. In fact, many days she sings during everything...while she cleans, while she eats, while she sits on the potty, and even she sings herself to sleep. She has LOVED getting to make up new songs these days and I tell her all the time that one day she's going to be on TV singing and maybe playing the guitar.

Anyways, she has been singing in the Preschool SHINE Choir at our church and she really enjoys it. Her teachers always tell me how wonderful she is at learning the words and the motions and how she stays attentive to the instructions even when the other kids are goofing off. She had a performance a few Sundays back and she was TOO cute. We left the house and I told her she would do great. She informed me that people were laughing at her the other day when she was practicing on stage- she thought she was doing something wrong. I told her that they were not laughing because she was messing up but because of how cute she was (and likely because the other kids were goofing off). We got to have a long talk about how her singing on stage was kind of like being a missionary and getting to tell and show people what Jesus can do in our lives. That made her super excited and ready to sing. Catherine has so much confidence up on stage and has no stage fright whatsoever. She sings out, does the motions and sometimes even smiles! She is definitely showing the "light" of Jesus up there and I know that people can't help but want to learn more about Him just by seeing her sing!

In the pics you can see some of her rehearsing her favorite part of one song where she sings "in the dark of Nigh-ha-ha-ha-ight (wish you could hear her) and she always closes her eyes and moves up the vocal scale like you're supposed to.

The mom.

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