Sunday, March 25, 2012


Ok, well he is not toothless yet, but he is down one. Harbin lost his very first tooth. The same little tooth that we waited for 16.5 months to come sad. It has been super wiggly, which I am grossed out by. Everyone kept telling him they'd pull it for him. We were at church and I dropped Harbin off upstairs with the Children's Pastor's wife. I told her about the tooth and joking said that Pastor Jeff should just sock him in the face and make it come out. Fortunately, Pastor Jeff did NOT sock him in the face, however, he did tell Harbin to close his eyes so he could punch the tooth out and my little obedient child just closed his eyes and waited- HaHa! Pastor Jeff told him to open his eyes and twist the tooth a little and when he did it popped right out. They brought him down to me moments later to present me with his very first LOST tooth.

Harbin was super excited to show his sisters when church was over and he was very proud of the hole where the tooth once was. He was also very excited about the tooth fairy getting to visit our house for the first time.


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