Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Awana Awards

I'm going to apologize in advance for the pictures. Unfortunately when you're a Cubbies leader and your hubby is gone, it's hard to get picture because you are also having to be a leader. For example, I have no pics of Lydia getting her award because I was on stage with her. However I was able to be with th girls before the ceremony so I snapped some shots of them then. Harbin was really far away so I only captured a bit of him receiving his awards. Oh the woes of being an army wife... Harbin completed his second year of Sparks in AWANA and he received his second book award. Catherine finished up her second year of Cubbies and completed her second handbook and will be moving into Sparks next year (choke back the tears, my little girl is going to kindergarten). Lydia finished her first year of Cubbies and is excited that Mommy AND Daddy will be her Cubbies leaders next year. Ella didn't do AWANA this year, but will be old enough to be Puggle next year (I remember when Catherine was a wee little puggle...tears streaming now.) We are so proud of them for all their scripture memorization and dedication to hiding God's word in their hearts! The mom.

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