Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pumpkin Pickin'

This last weekend we were fortunate to get to travel to see Scott and stay with some Army friends. We met Crystal and Jeremiah a little over 3 years ago while Scott was training in Florida. Crystal was pregnant with their first child, Gracen, and Catherine was still pretty new. When Scott started training in Huntsville, he was pleasantly surprised to find out that Jeremiah was in charge of his training class. They graciously invited us to come and stay with them for the weekend so we could see Scott. I'm not sure they were aware of what they were getting themselves into, but we were thankful for their generosity (and courage- having all 6 of us in their probably quiet and peaceful house was quite an endeavor!).

Anyways, the weekend went smoothly and our kids loved getting to play with Gracen. On Saturday afternoon we went to a local pumpkin patch- Lyon Family Farm. The kids were able to see and pet all kinds of animals in the petting zoo- Catherine wasn't a huge fan of touching the animals, but Harbin and Lydia liked getting to pet the piglets and feed the horse. After playing in the "corn"box, bouncing in the bounce houses and sliding down the huge slides, we rode a hayride out into the pumpkin patch so we could pick the perfect pumpkin. It's amazing how big and round all the pumpkins were and Harbin, Catherine and Lydia managed to pick 2 really nice ones.
Sunday morning was "Friend Day" at their church and we had a wonderful time attending the service and then a lunch afterwards. Sadly, our visit ended there so the kids and I could drive back in time for evening church in Chattanooga.
Our weekend was wonderful and we were so glad to get to spend some time catching up with friends. Thanks so much to Crystal and Jeremiah for opening up your home- we hope to see you again, this time sooner than 3 years!
The mom.

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