Thursday, October 14, 2010

Trains, Trains, and More Trains

Last week the Southeastern Railway Museum had a Homeschool Day. I dropped the middle 2 girls off at a friend's house and Harbin, Ella and I went to see the trains.

First we started out by riding the train. It didn't go very far and I think that kind of disappointed Harbin, but it was plenty enough motion to put Ella to sleep, which she did for the rest of the visit.

Next, we picked up the Scavenger Hunt paper and we started on our way. We got to learn about how the train was so important to the town of Duluth, GA and other surrounding Atlanta cities. Harbin was most impressed that people used to tell time by the sound of the train whistle!

We were able to go in and out of different types of train cars including a passenger car, a dining car, a sleeping car, a postal car, and even an old Army train with the kitchen and bunks (you can see him pretending to cook).

He got a short science lesson on steam engines and how they work and he found out that the noise they make is why we say trains go "chugga, chugga"- it's the moving of the pistons being pushed by the steam. He also got a piece of real coal to take home!

Enjoy the train pics.
The mom.

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