Thursday, June 30, 2011

Earrings and tears-

Well, the girls decided to get their ears pierced. Ok, Catherine decided and Lydia wanted to do it because Catherine was. However, I am not so sure Lydia knew what she was in for!!

Catherine had found one earring out in the workshed at the back of our property. She came in and asked when she could get her ears pierced and Scott said he would take them that weekend. Well the weekend got busy and time went by, but sure enough Sunday morning- Catherine remembered. She had apparently told her Sunday School teacher because when we went to pick her up, the teacher said "oh I hear that the girls are getting their ears pierced today."

We left church and had a huge list of things to do- all over near the old house in Snellville. We finished up just before 6 and amazingly enough Claire's is open until 6:00 on Sunday! So, we headed over to get their ears pierced.

Catherine, who was bound and determined this is what she wanted, volunteered to go first. They drew the little dot on her ear and she grinned. Then they pierced her ears and the grin left, but she still never shed a tear. She was stone cold through the whole thing, and very proud of her earrings when she was done.

Lydia, watched all of this and probably thought it wouldn't hurt. Boy was she surprised. She got up there and thought it was over after they marked with the marker. When we told her it wasn't she started to lose her enthusiasm. They did the first ear and she just burst into tears crying. I had to hold her down so they'd pierce the second ear (this was part of the agreement- if you got them pierced, you had to do BOTH ears). She just cried and cried when they were done and quite frankly I think she may have been a little upset her sister didn't give her any indication of the pain this would cause.

Of course, moments later, the girls were happy and looking in the mirror at their newly pierced ears. They vowed to cooperate while we put the alcohol and cleaned them everyday and they got cute little bags that said they got their ears pierced.

So, I guess the hard part is over- or so we shall see when evening comes and it's time to clean and spin those earrings!

The mom.

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