Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ella is 11 months old

Time sure does fly and when you're behind on posts like I have been. It's weird writing a "my child is one month older post" only a day after the last one!!!

Anyways, Ella is still not walking, although I venture to say she can and just won't. Her new thing this month is her talking. She talks all the time!! She yells at the kids when I am telling them to do something. She loves to talk on the phone to daddy or grandma or Lolli or Crickett. And she loves to talk to her "mammas". This is what she calls all the baby dolls- Mammas. I keep trying to tell her it's a baby and she insists on calling it a mamma. She loves baby dolls- she holds them, pats them and kisses them with big, open mouth kisses!. She also loves her "Puck" which is what she calls her new cousin, Huck. Usually she is very clingy to me, but when Huck is around, she is anxious to leave my arms so she can see him, hold him and kiss on him. She thinks she is such a big girl when she holds him and pokes him and he just tolerates it!!!

She now has 5 teeth, 2 on the bottom and three up top. She has a bulging upper gum where I think her 2nd front tooth might bust through, but so far it hasn't made it's way out yet.

Stay tuned next month for some "year in review" photos as well as an update on her 1 year check up!

The mom.

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