Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ella is 10 months old!

Ella keeps getting more mature and toddler like each day. It's amazing how quickoy she seems to be growing and of course, next to her nephew, she just seems so old!! She is now cruising along everything- not walking on her own yet, but loves to be on her feet. I call her a spider at home because she will often walk along the walls, in and out of rooms, and never drop to her knees to crawl. Personally, I think she could walk if she wanted to, but apparently she doesn't want to.

Anyways, she is very talkative and likes to mimick sounds. She likes to yell for "Bubba" at his soccer games and still adores him. He carries her everywhere and she just plays with the big kids like she's one of them.

She has recently decided not to eat much baby food, but instead eats about anything I give her. I will just break it up really small and she will eat hamburgers, fruits, veggies, and pretty much anything else. When she's done, she'll just toss what she doesn't want on the floor (a habit I am trying to break!).

Enjoy the pics!
The mom.

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