Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Camping and the Frantic Frog

Scott did a triathlon in Scottsboro, AL on September 11th. The kids and I drove out to camp with him and some of the Tinney's and to cheer him on. When we arrived the kids helped Scott set up the tent. Catherine was really cute as she helped! The race was Saturday morning and the weather was a bit hotter than I remember last year being.

Harbin wsa excited to catch a grasshopper on his finger and Lydia cracked us all up as she went to get her own food. Harbin had asked if he could have a snack and we told him to go up and ask the lady nicely if she's hand him something. He said he wanted us to go with him and Lydia said "I'll go"--and that's precisely what she did. She walked over and stood at the table (you can hardly see her in the pic because she is so short) and waited and waited for the lady to ask her what she wanted. Finally, Judy walked over and helped her to get "noticed" and she was able to get a snack! Catherine was adorable as she "took pictures of daddy". She had her play princess camera and was serious about capturing a good shot!

Scott did great as usual and placed 3rd in his age division and 40th overall. He improved his time from last year and I think all in all was happy with his performance.

The kids and I left shortly after the race so we could make it home in time for my nephew's 3rd birthday party.

The mom.

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