Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ella's 1st Tea Party

With Catherine, my sister-in-law Crickett started a tradition (I guess you can say that after three girls) of throwing them their very first tea party as a way to let friends and family meet the new baby. For Ella, both my sister-in-laws, Crickett and Sarah threw a lovely "First Tea Party". Last weekend we had a wonderful time at Crickett's new house celebrating with our Chattanooga family and friends.

The little girls all wore tutu's made by Crickett and looked adorable. Ella just put hers on for a few pictures, which as you can see was not the easiest "photo shoot" ever.

Sarah made a very creative teapot watermelon sculpture that fit the theme perfectly. Ella had a banner (made by Crickett) with her name on it and the tables were adorned with teapots and teacups everywhere. The food was delicious, the fellowship was fun, and most importantly Ella never cried! So, thanks Crickett and Sarah for a wonderful Tea Party--- I can't wait to throw them for your little girls one day!

The mom.

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