Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day

I have FINALLY UPDATED OUR FAMILY PICTURE! We are now all in it and Ella can feel like she is included in the Tinney Family!

We had a great Labor Day weekend and spend lots of time with both mine and Scott's families! We left for the lakehouse on Friday and met up with Scott's parents and brothers, Skylar and Alex. Saturday, JonJon, Grandma, Christina, Matthew, Aunt Kristen, Wesley and Mo joined us for some fun boating, swimming and fishing! The kids had a blast jumping off the dock, although Lydia wasn't so sure about her lifejacket- she likes to be in control and this jacket is designed to flip her immediately up on her back so her head is out of the water. She wasn't so sure about that, but did seem to enjoy riding on the boat. She said it was "like a merry-go-round" and proceeded by singing "Ring Around the Rosie". Catherine and Harbin had no problem swimming around in their life jackets and Harbin even ventured out and rode the "Triple Dog" behind the boat. He often seemed unsure when they would flip off and into the lake, but usually got back on with a smile! Catherine never got comfortable enough to ride the tube or the Triple Dog, but she enjoyed hours on the boat watching the bigger kids (and mommy) ride!

Saturday evening we watched the first Tennessee football game of the season (GO VOLS!) on our new couch- a much anticipated leather sectional that we ordered just after Ella was born!

Sunday morning we went to church and lunch and then headed to see Bo and Sarah's potential new house. They are under contract and just awaiting home inspections and closing.

We all went to Crickett and Adam's house Sunday evening for a Hot Dog Campfire Cookout. The kids enjoyed getting to roast hot dogs on the campfire and we all enjoyed the Smores they made for us. The weather was just gorgeous and we all had a great time spending time with family and enjoying the "almost" fall weather.

Check back this week for more posts and pictures.

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