Wednesday, September 22, 2010

End of Summer

The leaves are changing, the weather is cooler, and the change of season is in full swing. As we traveled up to Chattanooga last weekend to see Scott, we were able to observe the changing leaves as we drove north on I-75. It's always pleasant to have cooler temperatures in the evenings and see the beautiful colors around us!

Our summer was packed full of fun activities, vacations, a new baby and much more!! The kids and I had a final summer playdate last Friday with the children Crickett nannies. Benjamin and Caroline are close friends of our kids and see them almost everytime we are in Chattanooga. We went to the water steps near the Tennessee Aquarium with them and let the kids play in the water. Afterwards, Crickett treated us all to ice cream and you can see the cute pic of all the kids walking down the street hand-in-hand (they even lined themselves up by height on their accord).

The weekend was filled with both a Treehouse birthday party for Benjamin who turned 4 and a TuTu birthday party for Caroline who turned 2. At Benjamin's party, they celebrated at the Chattanooga Nature Center in the "Treehouse". The kids had fun swinging at a pinata, coloring leaf pictures and learning about the owl. After the birthday fun, we headed out through the nature center walk to see the exhibits. The kids got to see how their armspan compared to the wingspan of different birds. We also saw a bald eagle, bobcats, and wolves (we got to hear them howl as well). The kids also got to try their hand at sitting in a HUGE nest!

Well, it's official- Sept. 22nd marks the first day of fall which means summer is officially over! Enjoy the pics and stay tuned for more posts this week.

The mom.

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