Monday, September 27, 2010

Crazy Socks and Shoes

Our homeschool coop has themed days every once in awhile and this past Tuesday was Crazy Sock and Shoe day. The kids decided we would all wear mismatched shoes and socks and wear the socks inside out! I opted for mismatched flip flops since I am pretty sure it would have driven me crazy to wear one tennis shoe and one flip flop. Even Ella participated with her mismatched socks!

With Scott being gone, school tends to go all day long. We do a little in the morning and try to focus on the important stuff (writing, math, etc) but this evening we focused on the fun- playing in shaving cream. Catherine wrote her first "A" all by herself without looking at the letter and Lydia cracked us up when she wasn't sure what to do with her "gloves" (aka shaving cream covered hands).

Hope you like the cute pics!
The mom.

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