Monday, July 26, 2010

Ella at Home

Here are a few new pics of Ella since she's come home. Adjustment has been tough, but we are getting there. Mostly I had hoped to just spring back into action once I got home and my body just isn't letting me yet. Fortunately Ella is great. She eats well, sleeps well and even is the first newborn I've met that enjoys her "play time". She will literally spend 2-3 hours just kicking on the floor and looking around. Hers days and nights aren't mixed up at all and although she does wake up to eat at night, she immediately falls right back to sleep.

The kids are currently spending time with grandparents (Harbin in Florida and the girls in Chattanooga), so that's helping to relax and spend time adjusting.

On a different note, Scott has recently started back to work. About a week ago he received Active Duty orders from the army and is now working full time in Marietta training the rest of his National Guard unit in preparation for deployment next summer. It's been quite a shock to us and we are sad that he won't be teaching again this year. We were super happy with his commute and loved being able to surround ourselves with the high school community. The nice thing is that he kind of sets his own schedule and he will have Fridays off, so that will be a change that will be fun. We hope to keep up going to the football games and other sporting events since we are so close and hopefully maintain our ties with the high school as much as possible. This week is a week of tough adjustments, so just be praying for us as we get used to it all. We've never had a baby and not had some major adjustment at the same time, so I guess we should have seen it coming!

Anyways, enjoy the new pics and stay tuned for more this week as I have a little time before the kids return home!

The mom.
(PS- thanks to the new EOD unit for the delicious Edible Arrangement. As you can see in the pic, the older kids loved it!)

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